Saturday Night Service is every Saturday at 6pm. This will be a casual service with a contemporary worship style. This gives an opportunity to worship for those with schedule conflicts on Sunday morning. Come and be a part of this!

What to Expect

Q: What's the music like?
      A: We have a range of musical styles, but will generally be a contemporary praise band.

Q: How should I dress?
      A: However you want! This is a casual service. What really matters is that your heart is ready to worship the Lord!

Q: Where do I park?
      A: We have a large parking lot to the east of the building. There is also parking in front of the church and on the street. Handicapped parking is on the east of the building. Enter through the double doors if you need to use the elevator.

Q: What if I'm not Lutheran?
      A: What we find important is not who's Lutheran and who's not. We believe following Jesus is the most important thing for any of us. If you love Jesus, would like to know more about how much he loves you, or you don't really know what you believe or want, you are welcome here. Our job is to point you to the love of Jesus!

Additional questions? Send us an  email or Facebook message.

If you come by, please fill out a registration card and place it in the offering plate by the entrance.

Don't be shy! Talk to someone and let them know you are here.

Catch the pastor, family director, or youth director and have them introduce themselves.

We serve communion one Saturday per month