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Remember the Coupon

Pastor Scott Guhl
Isaiah 21:10-11;  (Sermon Date: 4/09/2017)

Revive Us Again

Pastor Scott Guhl
Luke 1:39-45;  (Sermon Date: 4/02/2017)

How to Make an Impact

Pastor Tom Olson
John 2:1-11;  (Sermon Date: 3/26/2017)

Who's Side Are You On?

Pastor Ken Thoreson
Matthew 16: 21-23;  (Sermon Date: 3/5/2017)

How Great Thou Art

Pastor Ken Thoreson
Matthew 17: 1-9;  (Sermon Date: 2/26/2017)

You are God's Temple

Pastor Ken Thoreson
1 Corinthians 3:10-23;  (Sermon Date: 2/19/2017)

Choose Life

Pastor Scott Guhl
Deuteronomy 30:15-20;  (Sermon Date: 2/12/2017)